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De-Escalation for the Real World


Course Description

Innovative and Realistic training for some of the most dangerous things you do.

It’s not your fault!  You were lied to!

You were taught you should do things like "Active Listening", letting people vent and you were told that Paraphrasing is a good thing to do – when those things are proven to NOT be the true keys to calming someone down!

Worse, you’ve seen people actually get MORE upset and you were using the EXACT techniques you were told you should use! You know how frustrating THAT can be!

  • Many of the deaths garnering media attention in recent years have created distrust between citizens and police.
  • Citizens are more confrontational and angry than ever before - AND you don't want your next encounter to be the next viral video!

In this training you'll:

  • Learn ways to influence others without them even realizing what you're doing!
  • Learn Ninja Communication Skills that are Easy to Understand, Easy to Remember and even Easier to Implement!
  • Learn to quickly develop rapport, effectively communicate, De-Escalate and negotiate in all situations, including with people in emotional crisis.

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