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Relationship Transformation*

April 22 & 23, 2022 0800-1200 each day PDT

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Course Description

Are you ready to BREAK the Relationship Patterns that are part of your family's legacy and break through to a whole new level in all your relationships?

Discover the proven tools to Transform Your Relationship.  This Relationship Transformation program is life-changing!

Everybody wants the best in their relationships - both at work and at home!

  • When you have a troubled relationship, that relationship didn’t break down in five seconds, and building it back up isn’t going to happen in five seconds.  That being said, you CAN see changes the same day you implement even ONE of our tools and strategies.
  • Tools to navigate any moment, at any time, in any situation, with any person and feel peaceful and authentically great about it with NO FRICTION.

In this training you'll:

  • Learn how your brain can only be in one of two states - and which one you spend 80% of the time in.
  • Discover the Proven Tools, Training & Resources to Transform Your Relationship.
  • Learn Ninja Communication Skills that are Easy to Understand, Easy to Remember and even Easier to Implement!
  • Learn to quickly develop rapport, effectively communicate, De-Escalate and negotiate in all situations, including with people in emotional crisis.
  • There are invisible dynamics sabotaging your relationship in ways you can’t even begin to see...because you, like everyone else, are trapped in the damaging, broken relationship dynamics that have failed us for thousands of years.  Dynamics like compromise, pleasing, “my way or else,” and SO many more.

  • There’s a reason divorce rates for first marriages are 50-70%...and even HIGHER for second and third marriages.

  • There’s a reason some studies show couple’s counseling has a divorce rate as high as 80%.

  • What most people are doing, and what has been modeled to us, is NOT WORKING.

  • You have to be able to develop rapport and be able to communicate with people in many key and critical situations. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Neuroscience and Personality Science to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded, build trust and quickly connect on a deeper level with the people in your life.

  • Don’t miss this RARE opportunity to learn the skills required to reduce conflict and increase harmony now! 

*NOTE:  A question we get asked all the time is, "Does this work for everyone?"  The answer is simple... If they have a brain, then YES!  The great thing about this training is you'll learn how everyone's brain works - and that means 100% of the time, our tools & techniques work!


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