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As a 30-year law enforcement veteran, I spent 9 years in the US Navy Submarine Service, am a former Firefighter, current EMT and retired as a Police Sergeant from the San Diego Police Department.... I've faced more CONFLICT than I care to remember. 

You've probably received the same type of De-Escalation training that I did. Yet, have you ever felt that something was missing... because SO many times, it didn't work?

> Citizens were still uncooperative > Officers were still frustrated > Use of Force was on the rise > Officer injuries were still high > Lawsuit payouts skyrocketed

I conducted research and found that I had been taught to apply logical solutions to emotional situations! Now, I know what DOES work... and I'm sharing it with you.

- Kerry Mensior, IDEA Executive Director


We're a 501(c)(3) providing Organizational & Individual Advanced De-Escalation Training Online & In Person. Learn what actually works to calm the storm!
IDEA's 3 Pillars of De-Escalation...

1.¬†NEUROSCIENCE¬†‚Äď How to communicate using brain science to move yourself & others out of Survival State & into Executive State


2.¬†PERSONALITY SCIENCE¬†‚Äď How to communicate using Words that others can Best Hear


3.¬†CORE HUMAN DRIVERS¬†‚Äď How to communicate Persuasively based upon others‚Äô Motivation

Learn Ninja Communication Skills that are Science - not Speculation!

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