Are You Dealing with High Conflict Situations? 

You know that effectively handling high emotion conflict resolution can be challenging.

We're here to help with proven techniques that work.

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The International De-Escalation Association 

We show public service providers how to respond effectively in high conflict situations.

Our amazing community includes K-12 Educators and First Responders (Law Enforcement and Police Officers, Fire, EMS and Medical Service providers in hospitals and homes).

Dealing with people in a high conflict situation is dangerous, difficult, and draining! 

If you're ready to learn innovative and realistic ways to persuade those that don't want to be persuaded and reason with those that seem to only want to yell at you, then you're in the right spot!

Communicate Using Science - NOT Speculation!

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K-12 Educators

Training Programs Available for:

  • De-Escalation for the REAL World


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Law Enforcement

Training Programs available for:

  • De-escalation for Traffic Safety Stops
  • Drag-Net: Street Racing, SideShow and Modified Vehicle Enforcement Course
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Fire/Medical Services

Training Programs Available for:

  • De-Escalation for the REAL World


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