K-12 Education

Realistic De-escalation, Communication, and Anti-Bullying

IDEA Training Courses on De-Escalation Techniques for K-12 educators provide the highest quality, most innovative and realistic techniques available!

IDEA - Realistic De-escalation in K-12 Schools

Have you given up on significantly reducing Discipline Referrals?

Does it feel impossible to meaningfully affect Suspensions and Chronic Absenteeism rates?  

Does your staff have all the tools they need to De-Escalate anyone, including students and parents, in less than 90 seconds?  Imagine how much help a program will be that strategically integrates with, and enhances, your Social Emotional Learning as well as provides you with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum!

All IDEA skills are easy to understand, easy to remember and even easier to implement to quickly calm an agitated person and rapidly resolve emotionally charged situations.


IDEA techniques aren't based on science, they ARE science.  Your staff needs these proven, simple, intuitive tools to swiftly and PROPERLY deal with misbehavior, reduce liability and improve relationships.  These same methods are used by elite Hostage Negotiation Teams worldwide and can be highly effective for schools. 

De-Escalate, Communicate and Negotiate using science instead of speculation!


Join our growing number of partners who are utilizing Ninja Coalition Obstacle Course Events, in combination with the IDEA

Program, to bring new & needed SEL skills, DE&I awareness, engagement and collaboration to your staff and students!