How a Sandwich Saved my Life - Leo Petrilli

1-podcast addiction recovery first responder Mar 06, 2023

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Leo Petrilli was trapped in an addiction for over four decades, and has been substance free since 2011. He just retired from working in the trenches at the Addiction Recovery Home, where he went for his own recovery.

Today, he is a virtual Train The Trainer for the First Responder Program with The Addictions Academy. And he is also a virtual Personal Growth Coach, with the Wellness Coach organization, a Nationally and Internationally Certified Recovery Coach, and an Intervention Professional.

He attends several First Responder virtual recovery meetings, and is a volunteer with Boots on The Ground in Ontario, Canada.

He likes watching good movies, TV shows that make him laugh, and sporting events.

Helping others keeps him sober too.

Q: Many people experience situations requiring de-escalation. What tools have you found to be effective in these situations?

  • 1 on 1s are huge.
  • Holding a Group discussion, where I can make everyone feel safe – so they at least can listen, if they are not ready to share yet. Because, if you can cry for others than you can cry for yourself.
  • I tend to be pretty direct when I am helping someone get to their truths. And if they have to vent some of their emotions I give them some space.
  • You gotta LEO it. Let Everything Out.

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