How to Have People Thank You for Arresting Them - Robert Carlson

1-podcast cops de-escalation first responder training Apr 17, 2023

Robert Carlson has over 20 years in Law Enforcement, serving since 2013 as an instructor for the Memphis Police Department. He has over 27 years in the military and is currently the lead tactical medical Instructor for the Regional Counter Drug Training Academy, providing free training to law enforcement around the country. As a Police Officer, Robert has served as a Crisis Intervention Team specialist and is a trained crisis negotiator. He is recognized as an expert in Active Shooters and Tactical Medicine, regularly speaking on law enforcement response to Active Shooter Events. Robert is the founding president of Brave Defender Community Services, a non-profit focused on active shooter prevention and education; and owner of Brave Defender Training Group, providing training to police and military.

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